Industry mobilization
December 04, 2019
Established in September of 2017, Technopolys was born of a desire among information technology sector businesses, research centres and associations, to unite around a single brand and promote Quebec’s IT industry.

Technopolys was launched to promote the IT industry, focusing on three main areas of intervention: uniting the industry, showcasing the ecosystem and enhancing Quebec pride. Its mission is simple: to help Quebec’s IT industry shine, both here and abroad.

Ambassador network: Over 65 ambassadors who serve as president or vice-president at tech companies across Quebec provide ongoing support for Technopolys projects.

Declaration of the Tech Industry: Technopolys spent a year carrying out a mobilizing process to produce a declaration of values common to the entire industry. This process took the form of a series of consultations—first with a committee, then with Technopolys ambassadors, next with the signatories, and finally with the general public.

Smart industry listing: Studies indicate that there are 7,830 companies in our industry, but no comprehensive directory of these companies exists. Our goal is to be able to provide this directory to international investors and clients so that our companies can be quickly identified based on their real expertise.

Pride index: We should be proud of our companies, entrepreneurs, and innovations. To showcase interactively and in real time that sense of pride, Technopolys is developing a metric to measure how proud Quebecers feel about the tech industry on social media.

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