Digital transformation
December 04, 2019
Established at the initiative of Développement économique Laval and TechnoMontréal, the CQIC is a centre of digital excellence created within the directives of the Ministery of Economy and Innovation’s digital economy action plan.

By pooling development efforts that reduce financial risk and allocated time while optimizing innovation project implementation, the CQIC helps Quebec retailers innovate to become more competitive and bring their customer experience in line with new shoppers expectations.

The CQIC is the catalyst of the business industry’s concerted efforts to define, test, and build, in partnership with the innovation system, tangible business solutions that ensure the future, advancement, and prosperity of retailers in Laval and Quebec.

Act as the go-to resource for Quebec retailers carrying out innovative customer experience projects.

Position Quebec as a global leader in tomorrow’s business world by drawing upon customer-oriented experiential technology.

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