VTC2017 - IEEE Conference on Vehicular and Wireless Technology VTC2017 - IEEE Conference on Vehicular and Wireless Technology
24-27 septembre Toronto

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Our vehicular technology industry has been driven globally by Major new technology developments Investments and developments by our industry's large and small businesses Governments stimulating changes with significant advanced research funding, and refinements of public safety regulations.

Massive research and developments throughout academia globally IEEE VTC2017-Fall continues to reflect this evolution/revolution and brings you the significant advances underway in industries, government and universities from around the world.

For the past several years we have modified our conference to add more executives from large and small businesses and also government leaders that push the envelope for more advanced capabilities without jeopardizing their #1 regulatory priority of keeping the public safe.

From academia, we will convene about 500 technical presentations on many results of research and developments concluded this year from institutions around the world.

In addition, 10 major workshops are included as part of this special registration and represents major activities by industry and institutions globally.


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