Plan de Match

The Plan de Match program is designed “by the industry, for the industry,” allowing businesses to identify the challenges critical to their growth.

For the first wave of participating businesses (2013), the program has facilitated an increase in annual revenue of $18.6M over three years, with initial annual revenues of $54M. This represents a revenue growth of more than 30%.

Identify concrete solutions to the following critical growth challenges:

  • Business strategy
  • Governance
  • Financing
  • commercialization and sales

Launch your business into a new growth cycle by:

  • Honing your business and financing strategies
  • Improving your business’ implementation capacity to reduce costs
  • Facilitating the achievement of your growth objectives by establishing a managerial strategy for your team
  • Defining the best market position for your business to increase your revenues and profits

Plan de Match:


Stay on top of the latest trends, while discovering tips and tricks that will allow you to confidently steer your business towards a new growth cycle.

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