About us

“TechnoMontréal, the technology cluster of the Greater Montreal, brings together Greater Montréal's technology players around structural projects that are driven by the industry.”

Founded in 2007, TechnoMontréal, a non-profit organization, is making a significant contribution to the Montréal region's economic and social vitality by bringing together stakeholders from the private, institutional and public technology sectors around common objectives and concerted actions.


Our mission is to enhance the competitiveness, growth and influence of this industry, which provides 107,500 jobs in the city.  

Our vision is to enrich the business climate and foster innovation by building bridges between the industry's various players. To this end, we are implementing an approach to technological development through vertical markets, in partnership with the city's leaders and decision makers.


TechnoMontréal is proud to have recognized and concerned partners to develop the ICT industry of Greater Montreal

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