Minister Bains outlined a nationwide process to select up to five innovation superclusters that will qualify for a $950-million investment

Minister Bains promotes $950-million plan to accelerate innovation for jobs and growth
Montréal owes its global leadership in gaming technologies, artificial intelligence, aerospace and life sciences to the creativity and diversity of its highly skilled workforce, which continues to train for the well-paying middle-class jobs of today and tomorrow.
That message was delivered by the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, during an address at C2 Montréal, an international conference about the future of business attended by business leaders, innovators, educators and policy-makers.
Minister Bains later spoke to an audience of Quebec business leaders and policy-makers at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan organization that promotes greater understanding of Canada’s place in the world.
During his keynote speech, Minister Bains spoke about the Government of Canada’s plan to accelerate innovation in high-growth areas where Canada is a world leader. He outlined a nationwide process to select up to five innovation superclusters that will qualify for a $950-million investment.
The jobs, companies and business opportunities created from the superclusters initiative will equip Canadians with the advanced, specialized and in-demand skills they need for the well-paying jobs of the future.
This initiative, which is part of the Government’s Innovation and Skills Plan, represents a federal investment in innovation on a scale that has rarely been seen in Canada. Applications for funding will be accepted from industry-led consortia that include large and small companies. Each business-led consortium must commit to matching dollar for dollar the amount it is requesting under this initiative.
Successful proposals will be evaluated based on their strategy for creating and growing new companies, creating jobs that require advanced skill sets, equipping Canadians with the knowledge and skills for the jobs of the future, attracting private investment and generating meaningful economic activity that leads to prosperity for Canadians.
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