Launching the Journey

This is a one day event of an unusual kind.  Unlike the genre of business events that offer strategies to surmount the hurdles of a competitive world and move out ahead, the objective of that event is to provide the audience (composed of c-level executives dealing with constant changes in their IT infrastructure) the means to lift off from that world of struggle and sail into a vast universe of possibility.
It is an invitation to draw a different frame around the same set of circumstances that drives enterprise transformation in an always-changing technological environment and new pathways come into view. When people find the right framework of strategic thinking and operational intelligence extraordinary accomplishment becomes an everyday experience.
This special event is divided in three chapter each one of them presenting a different facet of this approach and expose a new practice for bringing possibility of enterprise transformation to life.
Chapter 1: Shake the future
The event was developed from two different perspectives. The first perspective was to entice people to accomplish the extraordinary and to see each near future business venture through.  
The second perspective was to pay close attention to the stories people tell about who they are, how their technological world works and how it affects their business transformation.  It is about listening for the desire in decision-makers for something new, for conditions that do not exist (yet) so we can share with them frameworks that would make these conditions possible.
In our new global societies, no institutions has the wide acceptance to create values and direction for the majority of people.  Markets in free societies are rapidly replacing governments.  Markets perform without values.  They do not converse in a human tongue.  Shake IT aims to break new ground here, bringing human consciousness to bear on these flows of product, services, technological change and capital, energizing our interpersonal connections, and opening new doors for invention and practice.
Chapter 2: Shake as a service
Revolutionary shifts in the operational structures of our business world seem to call for new definitions of who we are and what we are here for.    Our customary mind-set about who we are and what are the services we are offering  undermine our ability to have a say in the way things go from here.
The event is filled with suggestions for novel ways to envision Enterprise Transformation in a flux of accelerated technological changes from all decision-makers perspectives.
Chapter 3:  Shake and Share
The event has a theme upon which each chapter is a variation. The theme portrays a world where the conflict between the individual leader and the collective workforce that is intrinsic to our everyday business reality resolves. In this vision, an individual leader unique expression plays an integral and constructive part in a setting a direction for the group.  The theme is the possibility of seeing deeply into what is best for all of us, seeing the next step.  Each chapter of the event offers a separate practice for realizing that vision.  Each practice provides an opportunity for personal evolution that promises to enhance not only the Decision Maker’s Life but also the organization and relationships in which he or she participates.
Standard social, technological and business practices are built on certain assumptions - shared understandings that have evolved from older beliefs and conditions.  And while circumstances may have changed since the start of these practices, their continued use tends to reconfirm the old beliefs.  For this reason our daily business practices feel right and true to us, regardless of whether they have evolved to keep us with the pace of change.  In just such a way a business culture arises and perpetuates itself, perhaps long after its usefulness has passed.
Expect SHAKE IT to offer practices that are transformational - practices that may “feel” illogical or counterintuitive to our normal understanding of how things operate.  Their purpose is to initiate a new approach to current conditions, based on uncommon assumptions about the nature of Enterprise Transformation.
The history of transformational phenomena - the Internet, for example - suggests that transformation happens less by arguing cogently for something new than by generating active, ongoing practices that shift a business culture’s experience of the basis for reality.
The practices presented in that event are not about making incremental changes that lead to new ways of doing things based on old beliefs.  They are geared toward causing a total shift of posture, perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts processes.  They are about transforming your entire vision of how IT is evolving and its role in Enterprise Transformation.
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