“When we first implemented our products we were ahead of the entire market by at least one or two years,” indicates Frédéric Bastien, CEO and cofounder of mnubo. “Another key element to mnubo’s competitive edge is our expertise in mobile networks, the Internet of Things and big data.

Just over a month after the launch of their last game, these Montreal specialists in spine-chilling games are taking some time to let their next idea percolate, wanting to develop something new, with a different tone.

“While numerous complex technologies are at the heart of the medical imaging sector, the success of our company relies on the quality of our personnel.

“We approach research and development through experimentation,” asserts Patrick Lauzière, Vice President of Technology and Development for Orange Traffic. “We give our clients the chance to tell us what they are dreaming of. We listen.

MM. Jacques Charron, président-directeur général de K2 Geospatial et Denis Brière, recteur de l’Université Laval Crédit photo : Jean Rodier.

For every city, a digital model exists that is based on an aerial survey. JMap allows decision-makers to obtain these images, which are otherwise normally managed by specialized technicians.

As a software engineering company, “GSOFT must rise to the challenge of perpetual innovation. The more we succeed, the harder we have to work to achieve more. There are always younger innovative companies popping up and new technological developments to stay on top of.

Louis-Philippe Maurice, CEO Busbud

TechnoMontréal launches the Montreal Living Labs website!

By Patrice Roy, Senior Manager, International Services
As you know, to be in business means to accept a great deal of risks. This is particularly true on the international scene. Thankfully, it is possible to reduce these risks.



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